Monday, December 1, 2008


So...I have survived...there were times I wasn't sure...but yes I have made it!! Through Christmas Carol-ness AND Thanksgiving Craziness!!!  And now that I have gotten through all of that I would like to make my list of things I am thankful for [borrowed from Jarred's blog]

This is in no particular order...

1. Wood fires.
2. Mornings laying in bed with Kalin and Carter under a mound of blankets.
3. Kalin's smile.  [And Kalin in general! ^_^]
4. Fingerless gloves.
5. Bic pens [cheap and reliable!]
6. Laughter in any form.
7. Heather 
8. Serena
9. My family [as crazy as they are!]
10. Painting.
11. Warm summer evenings when the mosquitos aren't so bad.
12.  COFFEE! [and not just for the caffeine content]
13.  Warm weather.
14. Trees, lots of trees.
15.  My health.
16. Kalin
17.  So far having not having to experience any major traumatic events in my life.
18.  Clean air.
19. Mountains.  
20.  My imagination, and creative abilities.

That's just a short list, there is a lot I am very thankful for this is just the beginning.  This week is a lot of preparation for my art show on Sunday.  I am very excited, but right now my main goal is keeping my fingers warm...I cannot figure out WHY her house is so cold....

More a warmer time...Off to go type some more on my novel and watch more X-Files!


DaiKamonohashi said...

It's true! No one I work with can spell my name right!


Dread Pirate Lainey said...

I'm sorry!!! I had a guy I worked with for two years at Ruby Tuesday's who's name was Jarred, and I would spell it Jared and he would get mad at me!!! Now I'm in that habit and I can't break it GAAAAHHHH!!!!!

Should I just call you DaiKamonohashi from now on? That's syllable based I don't think I could mess that up!