Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Nothing Much These Days.....

I have many loves in life.

Art and painting being the most significant [right under Kalin of course!] but another great love of mine is playing my violin. Due to several physical ailments in my hands and wrists I was unable to play for a very long time, however a few surgeries later [just kidding it was only one!] I am back in the ballgame, so to speak.

I am currently the violin player in a band for my friend Tracy's show The Last Five Years. The road has been frought with many a frustration and cuss word but I am now thoroughly absorbed in the world of this music and playing my violin after so long. Therefore the flow of artwork, for which this blog was originally intended, has trickled to a halt. But never fear once this is over you will be seeing much more from me!

Off to French class with me!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bad days....

It's amazing to me how artwork is effected by mood and circumstance, and then effects your mood and circumstances.
This little guy is Quixote, and he is a Quibble. I think a Quibble is somewhere between a naked mole rat and a hamster. He popped up in my journal on a very bad day a couple of weeks ago. I was frustrated with life, my art, music, homework...and pretty much everything, and as I was making out a to do list I look down and there he his smiling and cuting back at me.
I still felt like shit, but with a little less gusto because now I had this cuteness smiling back at me. I'm feeling much better now but this little guy still makes me happy. Squeee!

Tuesday, January 9, 2007


I'm a little stressed out here recently due to the semester starting, scheduling conflicts, paint charging two different shows at once, playing music that is just a little outside my comfort zone AND taking a drawing class. However, enough whining out of me. I am excited about the drawing class. Now perhaps I'll learn how to do things properly!

To our left is an older piece that is a multimedia collage poster of DOOOOOM!!! The background is a mixture of watercolor paper, tulle, tissue paper, markers, watercolors, pen, and colored pencil. The text and the, oh so cute, little penguins were then layered over it in Photoshop!!

My favorite part of this piece is the mixture in textures. I always find it relaxing to go back and look at old pieces and remember what I really enjoyed about creating them. It helps calm me down.

I'm really enjoying getting into collage work, and multimedia pieces. Right now I'm reading several different books on the subject and am finding millions of new projects to work on...now if I could only expand the hours of the day from twenty four to thirty-six. Then I might have time to get it all done! Off to class now! Ciao!