Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This is re-posted from my livejournal...just wanted to share!

According to Wikipedia:
"An epistolary novel is a novel written as a series of documents. The usual form is letters, althoughdiary entriesnewspaper clippings and other documents are sometimes used. Recently, electronic "documents", such as blogs and e-mails have also come into use. The word epistolary comes from the Latin word epistola, meaning a letter.

The epistolary form can add greater realism and verisimilitude to a story, chiefly because it mimics the workings of real life. It is thus able to demonstrate differing points of view without recourse to the device of an omniscient narrator."

Heather and I talked a few weeks ago about writing  tTHoHRatAP into a novel of sorts, and that conversation wound its way around several other topics and came back on the subject of blogging.  Heather said I should turn tTHoHRatAP into an online blog told from the point of view of Spencer through a Captain's Log...

Well I pondered on this...and pondered....drove back and forth to and from Atlanta while still pondering and finally came up with the idea that tTHoHRatAP could work as a novel-AND a blog, in the form of an epistolary novel.  I already have the seeds of that with the play through Henry's journal, and Heather said Spencer should have her ships log, Aicilla should have bizarre book lists and letters to siblings, and other characters could talk through letters.  I've gotten very excited, and if I didn't already have the novel I was going to write for NanoWrimo I'd write this one!

Here's how it would break down....

Henry:  writes about happenings on the ship from his point of view
Spencer: writes about happenings on the ship from HER point of view [aka Henry is exaggerating] as well as accounts of what really happened between her and Fioni
Aicilla:  writes about things in a neutral voice as well as giving hints of backstory, she also has humorous lists, grocery lists, book lists, and letters to siblings 
Jax/Mishi/Smith/Gizmo: random lists/letters
Illira: memos, and journal entries after she meets Henry [he gets her interested in that.  She begins journaling/letter writing while Fioni has captured her...] She also writes about her and Vin's conversations
Fioni/Morgenstern: letters back and forth
Vin: perhaps a few letters at Illira's encouragement

The bulk of the story will be told by Spencer and Henry's journals with the other stuff supplementing.  I think it also might be fun to throw in faux newspaper articles and whatnot to make it more interesting...We'll have to see if I survive NanoWrimo with my sanity intact first...or at least partially intact...it could be fun to write while semi-sane....enough of that!
That's all for now...I'll post NanoWrimo results as they come and or I get brain block/procrastination...my hands are very very cold.....


I had two days off... I:

1: Read an entire 400 page book [granted it was a children's book so it was sort of easy...but on the other hand Peter and the Starcatchers is fabulously tragically adventurous, she says creating adjectives where needed!]

2:  Halfway outlined my NanoWrimo project: Children of Destiny [Saturday is closing in!!!!!]

3:  Had wonderfully fun snuggle time with Kalin!

4.  Piddled around the house [haven't done that in ages!]

5:  Had lunch with me Da!  [That's just a fun phrase!]

6:  Feel utterly refreshed for this work week!  [Speaking of which I should go work now!]

Coming soon:  A full review of Peter and the Starcatchers!!!
                          A list of my favorite fight scenes ever!
                         List of favorite secondary characters [starting with Mister Gibbs and the  firstmate from Stardust!]
More random Randomness! WOOT!

The End...there isn't anymore...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Strange Jobs...

So...I have this real desk job type thing at The Academy Theatre...which has the usual desk job type things that need to be done.  But today I had a much more interesting time at 'work' as it were...

Today I was NOT Lainey Elise Welsch aka The Dread Pirate Lainey Marketing Director and Production Assistant at The Academy Theatre.  Today I was Nell Manchester, good friend of Mister Charles Dickens " 'ere to tell ya a wee bit about a play they is goin' t'be a'doin' up at th' Academy Theatre!"

In other words I got to dress up like a British street person and hawk our play and let people know about our theatre.  I learned several interesting things today:

1.  People will listen to you talk about just about anything if you have a British accent!  [There were literally people staring at my mouth while I was talking!  It was sort of weird...]

2.  Part of the marketing problem for The Academy is that a lot of people think we are Push Push theatre-and while they do good work too- WE ARE NOT THEM!!!  So it was a great opportunity to actually tell people face to face where we were, which I think will help things tremendously.

3.  It is physically exhausting to be another persona for more than two hours!!!  

4.  [Although is more an aside than anything else.]  Turkey club paninis from Urban Grounds and Vitamin Water are LIFE SAVERS!!!

That's all...there isn't any more!

Radio show tonight!!  WOOT!

Two down one more to go!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


So the funny thing about life The Universe and everything is that The Universe is most often a snarky b***h!!  Every time I say something to someone or blog about getting something done- IT NEVER HAPPENS!!  Curse you Universe!!!

So needless to say I did not get to the scanner like I wanted yesterday[Tuesday rather...] because I went over to my mom's yesterday [Tuesday actually...] to do laundry only to discover that I had forgotten the keys to get in!  Therefore I had to drive farther out to my dad's house which took up all the time that I was going to use scanning stuff before I talked to Gay's class...I'll try to get to a scanner when I can!  [I think that's safe to say...I hope The Universe won't thwart these pseudo-not-really-plans!!]

In other news I am going to participate in NaNo WriMo this year!  I have signed up and everything!  Two possible outcomes will happen 1. I disappear for awhile because I am actually writing! Or 2.  I am here more often because I am stuck and or procrastinating!!  WE'LL SEE!!!

I am very excited about it though...I'll write Children of Destiny once and for all!!!

Ok, now I have to get my butt out of the cozy bed and go to the grocery store...blech...I hate doing domestic stuff...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Good News!

 I will have a chance to get to a scanner today to um...well scan stuff!!  Among the goodies I hope to post later today:

1. Strange Walker [my Creature of the Week idea from conceptart.org.  I missed the deadline for posting, but I'm still proud of the picture.  Still needs a few tweaks but I want to get it up here!]

2.  Batch of Halloween Bookmarks!  [They're soooo cute!]

3.  Other finished bookmarks!

4.  A few new sketch pages,  Yes, I've actually been sketching!!

More to this effect later today! WOOT...I need coffee....

It has been lovely to be creatively active here lately in spite of all the work stuffs.  I've discovered I just have to take an hour in the evening to put aside work and just do some creative things, and that I can work on small steps towards the bigger goal.  It's been quite invigorating, but I guess its all part of learning how to transition from 17 years of a school schedule to a work schedule.  I feel like I'm finally getting to be me!

Kalin said something the other day that made me feel good too.  We were talking abstractly about when we get married and have kids and whatnot and he was talking about his friends mom who had always been a stay at home mother and was a little over protective and a little crazy and I said I wanted to stay at home with my children, but I didn't want to become a crazy mom like that with nothing better to do than worry about my kids and he said "No, you wouldn't be like that, you'd be a stay at home artist.  You'll have plenty to do and I'll make sure you can do it."

That made me feel better about that transition-though don't think I'm wanting it any time soon.  It's just nice to know that it will be like that when it does....it's going to be another weird transition when Kalin has a teaching job...but we'll cross that hurdle when we get there....time to oust the kitty from my lap and take a shower!

Monday, October 20, 2008


So it has been a reeeeeeeeeallly long time and part of that is due to several things:

1.  I'm silly and forgot I had this blog, and then created a livejournal blog for my art stuffs and then rediscovered this one!  I have hence decided to make this my personal blog about personal stuffs [but not too graphic, there are children in the audience!]  

2.  I graduated school [as of May 2008] and have since then been thrust out into the cruel world to fend for myself in a cold pitiless world of corporate zombies and fanatical anarchists!!!  Umm...yeah that was a tad melodramatic, I apologize.  But it is true that I have been very busy trying to mold a career for myself with growing success [more about that in another entry!]

3.  Damn...I forgot what the third reason is...silly llamas distracted me...I'll get back to you on that!

But the important thing is I'm BACK!! And I will probably be updating this rather frequently seeing as how I now have internet at my house, no homework to contend with, and rather frequent bouts of insomnia-and rather than do something productively creative I'd rather putz around on the Internets!!! WOOT!!

I still may post random art stuffs, writing stuffs and random random stuffs, but I actually have separate blogs for all of that!

http://tofu-toast.livejournal.com  My Official ART Blog!
http://ophelia-crane.livejournal.com  My Official WRITING Blog! [and other assorted weirdness!]
http://steamgeartavern.livejournal.com My Writing Group Blog Turned Upcoming Epistolary Novelization of 'The True History of Henry Rayne and the Airship Pirates' per Smooty's request Blog!
http://wicked-lamppost.blogspot.com  My Random Writing Project That I Forgot the Password To, But Never Fear Will Resurrect Soon Blog!

There's also http://widgetambolia.deviantart.com  Which is my ART Site!

I am working on a schedule of updates so that I can update all these things with semi-frequency!  More to come later!!! Ciao!