Sunday, February 13, 2011


So this is just another quick post to say I am going to try some new things with this blog in an effort to keep it fresh!

- Update every Wednesday. Rain or shine!
- Draw something everyday.
- Find new artists to share, and do an actual thoughtful critique of their work.
- Find other artist's blogs and actually go out there and say hi!

Ho Hum...

So the Rail Arts District Tour was not quite as successful as I had hoped [sold a birdhouse, and a pencil holder!] but it was a learning experience, and I didn't have to pay a table fee.

I was much better about being organized and getting things done. [A little, I still had some running around to do, but better about it nonetheless]. I did have some help with that from Kalin, who goes into teacher mode sometimes which helps.

Some people came up and talked to me but for the most part they just glanced as they walked just far enough away that I couldn't even say hey or make eye contact to initiate anything. It was weird, and that part I am not counting as my fault. I suppose my pieces are big enough that you can do that and make a decision from far away. It just felt rude. I do know that most of my stuff was aimed for little kids [which usually there are a lot of at this event!] and I should have had more for adults. [Tables, birdhouses, lamps etc.] So I have made a note of that for the future.

I will post pictures soon! [Later today probably!] And of course everything that I have painted will go to InsideOut Sautee in a new kids section! So everything works out.

Next project: Little Women [set design], Once Upon a Mattress [making a puppet!] and getting ready for May in the Mountains [more birdhouses methinks!]

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Lacquering is definitely my least favorite part of the process...


I cannot for the life of me explain my fondness for cutting paper with scissors....I just love it.

Monday, February 7, 2011


You never think painting could be likened to a sport...but after at least a year without serious painting and then ten hours of marathon painting--I am sore!

But it is a good kind of sore because I got a lot done and things are looking good!

Right now on the done [except for the gloss coat!] are:
two pink butterfly stools
two green owl stools
one yellow sunflower stool
green and cream lamp [yes, Kalin made me lamps to paint!]
and the gold and brown lamp

To finish tonight!
- green and brown birdhouse
- Moon book case [might have to burn the candles at both ends for that one!]

Hopefully the weather will cooperate and I can get a sunny day Wednesday so I can gloss coat all of this stuff so it has sufficient time to dry!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Arrgh, not as far along as I would like to be for my show next weekend!

Working away though!

Painting owls and butterflies, and about to tackle hand made lamps!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Set Design

Off to meet with colleagues at Emmanuel College today to work on the set design for Little Women. Because it is an hour and a half away this has been a real collaborative process with the director. We are hopefully going to solidify the design today and figure out what we can re-use and what we will need to build.

Here is one of the research pictures I found.

Because the stage at the school is very short and very wide we will not be able to go quite that high with the levels but I am hoping to use the space out in front of the stage as a possibility for more levels. As long as it can be lit...

We'll see!

Off to the races [as they say!]

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

To The Wire

It is getting closer and closer to deadline for the RAD Tour and I feel like I'm up to my armpits in half finished work...I see some late nights in my future! I do think I can get everything done with time to spare--just have to keep pushing forward!

I did get some of my newest bookmarks scanned. I have been terribly lax about documenting them since they feel so much like stuff just to sell, but I do like a lot of these.

Three Flowers

Meet Happy Robot and his friend Mango!

Hopefully I will be able to borrow a good camera and get some pictures of the furniture I am working on! Until then, enjoy!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

RAD Tour Details!

“RAD Studio Cruise 2011” – Thriving arts district invites Atlanta to an exceptional evening of arts and entertainment

ATLANTA/DECATUR – January 23, 2011. The RAD Studio Cruise returns on Saturday, February 12, 2011 with a greatly expanded list of venues due to our new participation with local boutiques. New this year, area businesses will be hosting additional artists to complement the area studios.

This year marks the RAD Studio Cruise’s fourth annual celebration of local artists. The event continues to grow, offering more to see and do than ever. Thousands of people attend each year, sample a deliciously diverse group of artworks, seeing art in action, enjoying refreshments and performance, and this year, getting to know area boutiques and their artist friends.

RAD Studio Cruise 2011 will take place on Saturday, February 12, 2011, with hours varying by venue but generally coinciding in the late afternoon into early evening, with some venues open late. Visitors are encouraged to stay in the area, and enjoy a romantic night of art paired with the many nearby dining and entertainment options. Area restaurants will be joined by a small fleet of trendy food trucks in providing for visitors culinary experience.


RAD Studio Cruise continues to grow and gain momentum in 2011, promising an even more spectacular time for art collectors and enthusiasts. The artists of the Rail Arts District create paintings, sculpture, jewelry, furniture, studio pottery, metal work and more. Area boutiques will also show off work by their artist friends to greatly enhance the event.

Every week, hundreds of artists visit the Rail Arts District to work in large public studios like MudFire Clayworks ceramic studio, Amalgam Arts jewelry studio, and the Little Tree Studios community. Academy Theater, Georgia’s oldest independent theater, hosts a small posse of performance companies with a wide variety of programming each month. Other notable area artists include Chris Warner (paint, mixed media), Bart Webb (sculpture), Barry Rhodes (ceramics), Suzy Schultz (paint, etchings), Lora Rust (ceramics), Zach Consorti (furniture and sculpture), and Catherine Goolsby (jewelry). The Avondale Arts Alliance joins RAD this year for the first time with an artist market at the small business incubator at 151 Locust.

All of these studios (and more!) will open their doors for visitors with music and conversation, food and drink, education and demonstration, and a vast smorgasbord of aesthetic delights in all media available for purchase. See the full list of participating venues below.

“RAD Studio Cruise is an amazing opportunity for visitors to forge connections with local artists and experience the creativity and energy happening in their community. We all work together this one day to create an intense, multi-faceted experience that our visitors will be talking about all year. Many of these artists have a national reputation. It is really amazing the quality of artwork being created and number of studios along this little stretch of rail line,” comments Bob Means of Little Tree Studios.

Visitors can download a Cruise Map and Schedule of Events of participating venues Individual venue offerings and hours will vary, but visitors can expect refreshments, entertainment, art sales, demonstrations, and music. Admission is free and parking is available at each location.


A vibrant arts district has formed in the Atlanta metro area over the past few years. The area boasts some of the city’s largest community art studios, relocated Buckhead galleries, and dozens of individual studios for visual and performing artists. Reasonably priced industrial space and strongly supportive surrounding communities have been the keys to the growth of this new Rail Arts District.

The action is taking place along a one mile stretch of CSX rail line that passes through downtown Avondale Estates, into the Laredo Drive industrial area, and along East Ponce De Leon Ave toward Decatur. This section of track is flanked on either side by mid-century industrial and warehouse buildings that are increasingly populated by art and artists. Tucked away in these unassuming buildings you’ll find large community art spaces that offer lessons, exhibits, workshops, performance space, studio rentals, classes, and of course artwork sales and exhibits. These large facilities are complemented by dozens of smaller individual studios to form a teeming arts district.