Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I just realized in total,[although not all updated!] I have five actual blogs!  And that is not counting Facebook notes and my DA notes, but then again I usually just cross post from my other blogs so what I have to do in order grasp some sense of sanity and keep everything updated I will create a schedule, and write it on my calendar!!  

Haha!  That will kick my butt into updating my life for all denizens of the Internet to read!

Monday:  Writing Blog

Tuesday:  Steamgear Tavern [used to be a writing group, now epistolary novelization of my steampunk play!]

Wednesday:  Tofu Toast Studios!

Friday:  Psychedelic Llamas Present!  [this one!]

I am not sure if this will help but it will at least keep me in line with what all I have out there to keep updated.

I will have to finish outlining Steamgear and Lamppost before I can really start on it, but hopefully I will have some impetus to do so now!

More later back to work.

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