Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Secret Project!

Except now I am writing about it so I guess it is not completely top secret, but there are still a few surprises around the bend! Here is the project! I enjoy writing and drawing very much, but something I enjoy even more is reading others writings and seeing their drawings! So here is the project (as much as I can tell you right now) I have a book with 95 pages left in it. I want to fill it with stories and drawings, scribblings and whatever other fun stuff I can, but I don't want to do it all myself. This is where you come in. Each person gets 5 pages front and back to fill and add to the book. How this is going to work! 1. The theme will be posted inside the book and you don't get to see it until the book is mailed to you. [No cheating, it ruins the fun!] 2. It can be writing or art or both; I myself prefer colorful things but each five pages belongs to their owners to do with as they please. By no means feel like you have to do something art oriented if you are mostly a writer or vice versa. Whatever you do we just ask that it will fit back into the notebook easily. 3. Please note me your address if you would like to participate. I can take up to 17 people (for a total of 20 which is 100pages). Please only do this if you are serious. 4. I'm not going to dictate a strict timeline but please complete in a timely manner so we can get it to the next person. I'd say somewhere around two weeks (I know we are busy people!) Just send me a message if it is taking a little longer 5. Please send me a note or email when you receive the book and likewise when you are finished with your section and I will give you the address of the next person on the list. You should be able to fit this in a large manilla office envelope and use media mail to mail for under $3.00 I think. The notes and stuff are just so I can track where it is. 6. Please feel free to get family, friends, pets, children, nieces, nephews, goldfish involved the more the merrier! The idea is to get people creating! Just make sure everyone's names are on it! 7. Once I have gotten it back I will scan all the pages so that everyone can see and read! 8. Just send me a message if there are any questions!