Friday, December 12, 2008

The Moon...

 So the LiveJournal Writer's block question for today was about the moon:  It's the full moon today. Almost every culture has its share of lunar lore, from werewolves to lunacy to true love. Do you believe that the full moon affects our behavior or do you think it's a myth?

I have two answers to that question.  First as a human being on this earth, I think the full moon affects some people more than others.  For example I have horrible insomnia in the several days leading up to the full moon, and during and my dreams are twice as vivid as normal.  Do I think it affects everyone that way?  No, the fact that my brother and sister sleep through everything short of a bomb leads me to suspect that no, they don't have the same reactions to a full moon as I do.  I think, not to sound too new age-y, that the moon affects those more in tune with earth and it's rhythms as a whole.  I have a very strict sleep pattern that is very much dictated by light, the suns processes.  I can go to sleep whenever, but as soon as my brain sense light outside, it says time to wake up!  To me that explains why full moons keep me awake.  So I suppose just as people are affected by the earth and her cycles in different ways so too are they affected by the moon in different ways. [Sorry that was sort of long and round about way to say that.]

The second answer to that question, or perhaps its more like pondering, is as a writer.  I think as far as literature and myth go the moon represents the mystical unknown.  It is that celestial body hanging in the night sky, that for the longest time no one knew what it was!  And I think sometimes that it is that very aspect of the unknown that affects people when they see it.  Even today we can see the moon, and we know we have the technology to get to the moon, but that does not mean that me, Lainey Elise Welsch, will ever get to set foot on the moon.  That inspires awe in me, at this unsolvable mystery, that I see waxing and waning every month.  The moon has always represented mystery, and I think it should stay that way.

In my own writings my goddess of the moon Menai is represented as dark, mysterious and representative of all that is not seen, and by that I mean that which is intangible and cannot be verified by mortal senses.  I like it because it is a juxtaposition to Solaren, her sister who is the sun.  That which illuminates and makes things seen and known.  I tried to take the idea of people being affected by the moon and making it much more literal.  Menai is a meddlesome goddess who may or may not be linked to the God of War...I haven't decided yet wether or not to actually put her in Children of Destiny or save it for the mythology but she might make an intriguing companion for Ramis, and a very interesting opponent to Raoul [God of Wisdom]

Well, this has rambled on quite long enough!  I think I will actually go write now, I'm on a roll with CoD...if my wrist would just stop hurting!

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