Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I had two days off... I:

1: Read an entire 400 page book [granted it was a children's book so it was sort of easy...but on the other hand Peter and the Starcatchers is fabulously tragically adventurous, she says creating adjectives where needed!]

2:  Halfway outlined my NanoWrimo project: Children of Destiny [Saturday is closing in!!!!!]

3:  Had wonderfully fun snuggle time with Kalin!

4.  Piddled around the house [haven't done that in ages!]

5:  Had lunch with me Da!  [That's just a fun phrase!]

6:  Feel utterly refreshed for this work week!  [Speaking of which I should go work now!]

Coming soon:  A full review of Peter and the Starcatchers!!!
                          A list of my favorite fight scenes ever!
                         List of favorite secondary characters [starting with Mister Gibbs and the  firstmate from Stardust!]
More random Randomness! WOOT!

The End...there isn't anymore...

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