Monday, October 20, 2008


So it has been a reeeeeeeeeallly long time and part of that is due to several things:

1.  I'm silly and forgot I had this blog, and then created a livejournal blog for my art stuffs and then rediscovered this one!  I have hence decided to make this my personal blog about personal stuffs [but not too graphic, there are children in the audience!]  

2.  I graduated school [as of May 2008] and have since then been thrust out into the cruel world to fend for myself in a cold pitiless world of corporate zombies and fanatical anarchists!!!  Umm...yeah that was a tad melodramatic, I apologize.  But it is true that I have been very busy trying to mold a career for myself with growing success [more about that in another entry!]

3.  Damn...I forgot what the third reason is...silly llamas distracted me...I'll get back to you on that!

But the important thing is I'm BACK!! And I will probably be updating this rather frequently seeing as how I now have internet at my house, no homework to contend with, and rather frequent bouts of insomnia-and rather than do something productively creative I'd rather putz around on the Internets!!! WOOT!!

I still may post random art stuffs, writing stuffs and random random stuffs, but I actually have separate blogs for all of that!  My Official ART Blog!  My Official WRITING Blog! [and other assorted weirdness!] My Writing Group Blog Turned Upcoming Epistolary Novelization of 'The True History of Henry Rayne and the Airship Pirates' per Smooty's request Blog!  My Random Writing Project That I Forgot the Password To, But Never Fear Will Resurrect Soon Blog!

There's also  Which is my ART Site!

I am working on a schedule of updates so that I can update all these things with semi-frequency!  More to come later!!! Ciao!

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Anonymous said...

What is a request blog? I think we should start one where people can make random requests of the Universe. Such As:

-Please let gas stay at affordable prices. Love, Smooty.

-Please make work not suck today. Love, Smooty.

-Please let Cap'n Jack and the Disreputable, Dishonorable Ex-Commodore Norrington be over their bout of scurvy - er, mange. Love, Smooty.

See? I set this up tonight, it sounds like fun.