Saturday, October 25, 2008

Strange Jobs...

So...I have this real desk job type thing at The Academy Theatre...which has the usual desk job type things that need to be done.  But today I had a much more interesting time at 'work' as it were...

Today I was NOT Lainey Elise Welsch aka The Dread Pirate Lainey Marketing Director and Production Assistant at The Academy Theatre.  Today I was Nell Manchester, good friend of Mister Charles Dickens " 'ere to tell ya a wee bit about a play they is goin' t'be a'doin' up at th' Academy Theatre!"

In other words I got to dress up like a British street person and hawk our play and let people know about our theatre.  I learned several interesting things today:

1.  People will listen to you talk about just about anything if you have a British accent!  [There were literally people staring at my mouth while I was talking!  It was sort of weird...]

2.  Part of the marketing problem for The Academy is that a lot of people think we are Push Push theatre-and while they do good work too- WE ARE NOT THEM!!!  So it was a great opportunity to actually tell people face to face where we were, which I think will help things tremendously.

3.  It is physically exhausting to be another persona for more than two hours!!!  

4.  [Although is more an aside than anything else.]  Turkey club paninis from Urban Grounds and Vitamin Water are LIFE SAVERS!!!

That's all...there isn't any more!

Radio show tonight!!  WOOT!

Two down one more to go!!

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Anonymous said...

I <3 you. Thank you for putting up with my moodiness and emo-dom.

In other news, I hope you enjoy the hell out of your days off and I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday morning (before 10 am, maybe? it depends on how cranky my boss is today as to whether or not he might be cranky tomorrow morning too.)

Isn't it funny how being older and more mature can make you appreciate certain books so much more? I read one of the Robin Hobb trilogies in high school and didn't get nearly so much out of it as I did this time 'round.