Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Life Update...

So several things are finished...Willy Wonka, with the lovely and wonderful Greenfield Hebrew Academy kids is finished, after four months! I am both happy, and a little sad. You don't realize how much you get to know kids until it's the last day and you realize that you probably won't see some of them any more because they will be off to high school even if you do come back next year. I made each of the kids a little ATC of their characters, that went over GREAT! It was so nice to see their faces light up at the idea that I would make something like that for them. Alas, I had no time to take pictures of them. I am very glad that I took this job. The pay wasn't the greatest, but it was one of the most rewarding, challenging, and fun jobs I have ever had. This just strengthens my commitment to work with children more! And has solidified my resolve to open my own children's theatre one day! By Children for Children [that will be the by-line!] Other than that I am working for my Dad, doing clean up work at the new gallery until I can find a real part time job. Theatre is slow, well more like dead as a dead herring as the Pythons would say, and I keep plugging along. UPCOMING PROJECTS: Captain Hook painting [based on the sketch I have posted!] DnD Character Sketches The Pirate and The Ninja picture [aka me and Serena-chan!] And that's about it for now! Ciao!


"Everything's Just Smooty" said...

I'm glad you found work somewhere... are you sweeping? See, your GTA education paid off! (actually if I remember rightly, you went straight into paints at GTA and never did the whole don't-know-my-way-around-a-shop-so-I'll-just-aggressively-sweep-up-sawdust thing.)

All of a sudden I very strongly missed our GTA class and working on shows and such. Life seemed - and this is laughable, I know - simpler then. Fewer bills, maybe.

Dread Pirate Lainey said...

Yes, I am very much starting to miss school. And going to Gay's playwriting class isn't helping...well at least not with that feeling, it's helping in many other more exciting ways!

But onwards and upwards, backwards and forwards as Mr. Wonka says.