Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hellboy II A Review...of sorts...

So Hellboy has special memories for me because one of the first things I did when I moved to Gainesville, before I knew anyone was to sit at the Coffee Shop of Horrors [now Inman Perk] and read all of the Hellboy graphic novels they had there.

This was how I got to know my good friend Creed.
That aside, I really like stories that have supernatural elements to them rather than just straight up hero vs. villain sort of comics/graphic novels and therefore Hellboy ranks up there as one of my top favorites.  So I was very excited when the first movie came out, regardless 
of the fact I never got to see it in theatres.

But I saw the first one, and the visuals were simply amazing-but not just that, the story, characters, and actors were good too, which makes all of the difference.  Guillermo Del Toro's finesse at bringing all of those elements together to make a fun, action packed, visually beautiful movie is of the highest calibre.  The second Hellboy film, The Golden Army is on that same level if not surpasses it.  

So rather than just sit here and spout on and on about this movie I so obviously like, I am going to share some images of the parts that I really enjoyed, or thought were particularly amazing.
The elves were my favorite part, hand down.  Prince Nuada, and Princess Nuala were 
 beautiful and elegant, but obviously otherwordly.  Just how I have always thought elves should be.  
While eac
h author/artist has their own interpretations, and that is the wonderful thing about art, this comes closest to how I personally feel elves look, and that was just wonderful to find in a movie.
Not to mention that the costuming was gorgeous as usual!

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