Friday, November 14, 2008


I have been thwarted in my attempts to stay on top of my NaNo-ing by none other than Dr. Evil Cold!!!  Ok, so I don't think he's really a doctor [or I wouldn't be sick! Ha!]  but I have been battling this cold/sore throat/allergies thing for the past three days, and have failed miserably.  It has taken me out of work, zapped my will to write [or basically to live period] and has put me some 4,000 words behind, and I have to work all day to day and tomorrow.  Perhaps Sunday I can catch up? 

It doesn't help much that I am stuck as far as the story goes and can only pound out 100-200 words where before I was whizzing along at 500-1000 in a sitting...blech...I hate germs...and I hate trying to drink tea when it hurts because my throat is so raw from coughing!!  I hate being poor, because I can't go to the doctor and get good medicine because I have no insurance...GAHHHHH!!!!

Ok, I'm through with complaining, now it is time to get dressed and go to the theatre and get done what I can get done without killing myself....perhaps I'll write when I get home! ^__^

The End.

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