Monday, November 17, 2008


How does one get people to come see productions at their theatre....?

This is a question I have been asking myself for awhile now....and I still don't think I have found a great answer...

If anyone out there in Blogland has an answer...or thought please send it  my way...



Anonymous said...

Bribes and whores.

*nod nod*

Anonymous said...

Oh, here's one that where I work is particularly proud of. We put small messages and important dates on M&Ms and hand them out to people.

I'm sure this is really effective, too! I'm just waiting for the statistics to come back that report "M&M Reminder" as a key factor in helping us do what we do.

(The please-don't-sue-me-anonymous is running under full steam today.)

DaiKamonohashi said...

I never read M&Ms, I just pop them into my mouth without a second thought.

If you have flyers I can help put them in places in the school that aren't the hallway next to the theatre department. Lord knows they have enough there. I'd also be happy to give it a mention on my blog even though that wouldn't really help. At all.

I know, I'm stretching here.