Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just checking in!!

I am actually pulling ahead on my NanoWrimo Novel: Children of Destiny.  I have broken  the 10,000 mark!  This is just to let the world know I am still alive!

At writing 1667 words a day I have already reached the goal for today which was 10,005 and am still going...I've hit a mini wall that I hope to overcome soon so I can get more writing in before I have to leave for work...

More later!

WORD COUNT: 10,122  Woot!!


Anonymous said...

I'm reading your stuff right now. I like it! Don't fret that your introductory scenes are too long, I haven't found them to be so at all. I'm at the "pounding on the doors of the orphanage" scene.

Dread Pirate Lainey said...

I like how you too refer to them as scenes, as if in a play. I have had a monstrous time getting playwriting out of my head...and that's really funny to me because I used to write nothing but description ALL the time...funny how life experience can change things like that!