Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Show!

I will have four of my watercolor pieces from Snow Dragon in the show The Heart of Winter at InsideOut Sautee There is an opening night reception tonight from 6-9 that alas I cannot attend because of rehearsal [silly job!] but if you can make it you should! The show runs through March 7th so if you can't go tonight please go see it at some point. Not only is there my fabulous work [hehe!] but many other great artists, and it is a great excuse to run away to the mountains for a bit!

This is also for sale at InsideOut Sautee. It is a small oak table and chair painted with owls! Hand painted, and finished and is great for small children boy or girl! Great colors and a durable finish that will stand up to anything a kid can dish out!

Now onwards and upwards! One more cup of coffee, a shower and off to the theatre to finish baby spider puppets!



Summer said...

Baby spider puppets!
Oh, I read that as baby spider MONKEY puppets. Totally cuter than just plain spiders.

I love that table! Too bad my car crapped out...Hope the showing goes well for you.

Robert said...

And! A Random Bottle of Ketchup!

Dread Pirate Lainey said...

Summer, I wish it were baby spider monkey puppets! That would be adorable, but I am rather proud of Joy, Aranea, and Nellie! I think they will steal the show right at the last moment!

The pieces will be up for a couple of weeks, so maybe the car gods will smile and you can come up.

Robert: Indeed, my good sir!