Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Feeling Moderately Successful...

The Rail Arts District Tour was Saturday February 13th at The Academy Theatre, and despite the wind and rain and blowing snow it was in fact moderately successful. We only had a few artists that couldn't make it, and had descent crowds despite the melting slush and the newscasters telling people to stay put.

I felt moderately prepared for this event [at some point I stopped stressing about it oddly enough!] and had plenty of bookmarks to sell, and postcards which is what I tend to sell the most of [and all I really sold to be truthful] and some of my painted furniture. While I got a lot of nice compliments on the furniture I had sort of knew before hand that I wouldn't sell any of it, even as much as I hoped. Silly economy--one day!

It made me realize several things about my art and what I need to do with it. Basically I have a choice to make: I can either take steps to better my artwork, and style through classes and studying which means I need to hold back on just churning stuff out for profit. Or, the second choice, is to really work out how to make my art both fun and profitable.

As for option one, I don't know that it is quite time for that other than taking a class here and there, and well; that takes money which I don't have right now. Well, that and just time to really study others work and experimenting. I am trying to make time for that but writing projects just seem to keep popping up instead. I just need to make more of an effort to find time to really draw things and study them.

The second option is something I am constantly working on, and my experience at the RAD tour gave me an idea. I think I would like to focus on creating a line of stationary products based on some of my designs. Jim, at Academy, especially said I should do something with my owls. So I guess my next step is to research and find places where I can get stationary type products printed without too much cost. Then it's advertising, advertising, advertising!

Overall, it was a great learning experience, met some really great artists and I actually made a little money on the side!

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Dread Pirate Lainey said...

I realized going back and reading this that it didn't have much of a point. What I was trying to say in the end is that I am not happy with my art and I need to pick a direction and go with it! Ha! There!

Now for more coffee...