Sunday, January 24, 2010

Paint Pens Rulz!

So I got some awesome paint pens over Christmas to help make furniture painting less time consuming, more fun, and perhaps the tiniest bit more profitable [ha!]. It was great because they were on sale too! Hooray cheap paint supplies!

Today I am working on a stool/bench type thing for my mom, that admittedly I have had for way too long and just not got to working on it because Kalin asked me to so we could get it out of our house--aaaaanyways I have gotten to use my paint pens on it and it has made a woooorld of difference! I think it will revolutionize the way I paint furniture and make it easier and quicker which is what everyone has been telling me I need to do! Hooray all around!

I know it is not a very good picture but until I can find my camera cord we are stuck with low grade PhotoBooth pictures. But you get the idea, right? That is the top of the stool for my mom's classroom. I think it turned out rather well, just a few more steps and it will be complete!

I have also been working on quite a few bookmarks. My goal was to get re-stocked while InsideOut Sautee was closed for January, but I got sick [several times!], work got busy and well, I am making up for it now! I got twenty-five ready for laminating! I think I am going to designate Sundays for bookmark days--as if it were a job so that I can keep up with the demand that will hopefully happen once the tourists start coming back in the spring. We'll see I guess...

I'm sure there is something else I was going to talk about...oh well, that is enough for now--back to painting!

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