Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Year...

Soo it is finally 2010 and hooray the world did not explode!

I am snowbound right now as of Thursday evening. We may try to venture out sometime this afternoon, but being stuck in the house has given me time to work on some artistic things. Nothing brilliant really, a few presents, hand bound books I am working on, and getting my bookmark groove started again. They apparently sell really well at Inside Out Sautee and I need to keep up the inventory. They are closed for the month of January so I am hoping I can get ahead with stock. That is what I did yesterday--spent several hours just watercoloring and pressing backgrounds for my bookmarks. I have it down to a process pretty well, I just got done with a big batch and was just happy they were selling NOW I h
ave to keep it up and make it part of a job if I want them to keep selling.

Anways, I also have several furniture pieces I want to get done before the end of the month to have ready for the shop once it opens as well as for the RAD tour in February that I am doing again and had quite a bit of success at last year.

Other than that I have some paintings in mind that I would like to work on and a book project in the works [as mentioned in the previous journal entry] that will be going out and around.

Oh yeah, I also got an Ipod for Christmas which as helped art stuff tremendously. I had forgotten how integral music was for painting for me, and so we shall see what will come from that! Sorry for this long rambly post without much art in it. Perhaps I will scan some stuff today after we re-arrange the bedroom! Ciao!

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