Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Life is full of new and exciting things!

1. I love pickles. I always seem to forget until I eat them again!

2. October Sketch-a-day with mangaka-serena is going splendidly! We're even challenging each other [well more like she is challenging me! I need to throw down the gauntlet!] and I cannot speak for her but I feel like it is helping me immensely! Making me stretch my drawing muscles and focus on what I know I need to work on. Being a painter mostly I tend to rely on paint to do a lot of things and therefore drawing skills aren't as important for me to work on sometimes. Hooray for getting better!  In December we will be starting our Muse Motivation Challenge, feel free to join! 

We will be posting weekly challenges that can be interpreted visually or through written word! But you have just ONE week to do it! It's going to be fun and will be a way to get our artistic butts in gear!

3. NanoWrimo: So Serena and I are doing the art thing in October because come November our butts will be spewing out 500 words a day in hopes of hitting our 50,000 goal! We'll be skyping a lot as we hack out our novels. I may or may not be posting chapters...depending on how bad they are!

4. While that is going on Heather and I are working on the Sketchbook Project at 
Art House Coop
 Which I will be posting as I work on it. Once finished it will be part of an archived collection that will tour to various places in the country! More details about it at the website. I think there is still time to sign up as they have extended deadlines and whatnot. I'd tell you the theme, but it will be more fun just to show you!

5. Last but not least, this week is going to be craaaaaazy busy as it is Kalin's birthday, yay! And I am pulling props for a show, a haunted historical walk, and a steampunk photoshoot! Hooray the life of a props master/artisan: nothing....nothing...nothing...BAM!! EVERYTHING ALL IN THE SAME WEEK!!! But that is how life goes. 

Hopefully I'll find some time to upload some more of my sketch-a-day project, and once I get going on the Sketchbook Project I'll be posting that as well. 

Lots of creative juices flowing

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