Tuesday, October 13, 2009

100 Themes

I will be trying to incorporate some of these themes into some Children of Destiny artwork.

I. Introduction 
II. Love 
III. Light 
IV. Dark
V. Seeking Solace
VI. Break Away
VII. Heaven
VIII. Innocence
IX. Drive
X. Breathe Again
XI. Memory
XII. Insanity
XIII. Misfortune
XIV. Smile
XV. Silence
XVI. Questioning
XVII. Blood
XVIII. Rainbow
XIX. Gray
XX. Fortitude
XXI. Vacation
XXII. Mother Nature
XXIV. No Time
XXV. Trouble Lurking
XXVI. Tears
XXVII. Foreign
XXVIII. Sorrow
XXIX. Happiness
XXX. Under The Rain
XXXI. Flowers
XXXII. Night
XXXIII. Expectations
XXXIV. Stars
XXXV. Hold My Hand
XXXVI. Precious Treasure
XXXVIII. Abandoned
XXXIX. Dreams
XL. Rated
XLI. Teamwork
XLII. Standing Still
XLIII. Dying
XLIV. Two Roads
XLV. Illusion
XLVI. Family
XLVII. Creation
XLVIII. Childhood
XLIX. Stripes
L. Breaking The Rules
LI. Sport
LII. Deep In Thought
LIII. Keeping A Secret
LIV. Tower
LV. Waiting
LVI. Danger Ahead
LVII. Sacrifice
LVIII. Kick In The Head
LIX. No Way Out
LX. Rejection
LXI. Fairy Tale
LXII. Magic
LXIII. Do Not Disturb
LXIV. Multitasking
LXV. Horror
LXVI. Traps
LXVII. Playing The Melody
LXIV. Annoyance
LXX. 67%
LXXI. Obsession
LXXII. Mischief Managed
LXXIV. Are You Challenging Me?
LXXV. Mirror
LXXVI. Broken Pieces
LXXIX. Starvation
LXXX. Words
LXXXI. Pencil And Paper
LXXXII. Can You Hear Me?
LXXXIV. Out Cold
LXXXV. Spiral
LXXXVI. Seeing Red
LXXXIX. Through The Fire
XC. Triangle
XCI. Drowning
XCII. All That I Have
XCIII. Give Up
XCIV. Last Hope
XCV. Advertisement
XCVI. In The Storm
XCVII. Safety First
XCVIII. Puzzle
XCIX. Solitude
C. Relaxation

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