Saturday, August 1, 2009

Need Your Help...

So I am in the midst of creating maps of the world in which my novel Children of Destiny takes place. The first part that I am working on is Achelon City, and is where the bulk of the action of the story takes place. It is a gigantic city [about the size of two-three Atlantas] and is comprised of a mixture of humans from Earth [refugees after Earth was attacked] and indigenous peoples. I am in the process of laying out the city and the streets and such and therefore need A LOT of names! Because it is a mixture of Earth culture and alien cultures I need everything from actual street names from large cities such as L.A. New York, London, Tokyo, Paris, etc; names of famous people, mythological names [Greek, Welsch, Japanese, Aboriginal, Egyptian anything] to random made up names that you think sound pretty. Anything and Everything! Feel free to either leave it as a message here or message or email them to me! Thanks and as soon as I get everything finalized I will post the finished map! And then onto the next! Woot!

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