Thursday, August 6, 2009


As I sit here with my cup of coffee listening to the soft plaintive piano theme of How's Moving Castle I feel myself drifting back towards writing projects...don't worry I still have some artistic things in the works, but gears are shifting.

I met with my good friend and fabulous artist Jared Faust of Empire Generic to discuss some upcoming projects of his, and how I might help.  I will be working on some scripts for him, and at the moment that is all I am at  liberty to say, muhahahahaaaaa!

Still working on getting a few pictures of my latest pieces to share.  One day I'll get off my butt, and stop giving excuses and take the picture...not sure where my camera cord is at the moment...hmm...

For writing scribblies, please visit my other blog: Two Dismensional Ephemera


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