Sunday, June 21, 2009

Onwards and Upwards

So a lot of things have been happening here recently, some art related some not so art related.  The biggest and most interesting probably being STEAM Fest.  You can read all about it HERE as I am feeling lazy and not wanting to regurgitate all the details here.

The biggest success, artistically speaking was the costumes for the characters Caliban and Ariel for the formal staged reading of HMS Tempest that was the highlight of the festival. 
 Caliban was the first theatrical costuming adventure that made it from initial concept sketch to finished product while retaining most of my originalideas.  Allow me to show you, as it will make much more sense than trying to describe it. 

This makes me happy because usually I have a really difficult time moving from a two dimensional idea to a three dimensional idea.  Ariel was equally exciting to work on although I had less concept sketches to work from and more of it was created as I went.

My favorite piece to make was the headband.  Someone said she looked like a little butterfly with antennas which in hindsight sounds like a strange compliment for a robot, but it works well for the character.

From these photos I am working on a watercolor rendition of these two characters because they are my favorites.  I am also working on a few more paintings based of HMS Tempest... but those are still top secret!  I am also working on some more furniture painting for my stepmom's store Inside Out Sautee.  Pictures of that will be forthcoming!

And lastly I have been hired by the Sautee Nacoochee Community Center as the scenic artist for their production of Headwaters: Birth, Death, and Places In Between.  This will encompass a lot of woodgraining- I look forward to the challenge!

So, as they say onwards and upwards!  

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