Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Inside Out Sautee

So I spent yesterday working on some projects at my stepmom Sheilah's store InsideOut Sautee.  It is a fabulous store full of great art, home decor, cool lamps and eventually my artwork!  I am doing some custom furniture painting for her and I did the base coats yesterday.  A pretty robin's egg blue and a creamcicle orangey yellow one.  Today, after I go get my paint from Gainesville I am going to go add the details.  

Morning glories on the blue stool, and possibly poppies on the orange stool.  Not so sure about the orange stool yet,  I will need to ponder some more...
Perhaps I'll just do something funky like this on it...could be interesting!

Hopefully I will get to take pictures today before finishing them!


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