Wednesday, January 21, 2009


"People say that Anakin is nothing but a whiney teenager, of course the biggest villain in the universe is going to be a whiney teenager.  He started out as a whiney teenager, an emo kid with issues."

I love Kevin Smith!

[I'm paraphrasing by the way, my memory isn't that good! ^__^]


"Everything's Just Smooty" said...

I want you to write a real entry, telling me how you are doing. Unless it hurts your wrist to do so, in which case I definitely do NOT want you to type anything.

"Everything's Just Smooty" said...

This is my confession:

I did not check my email yesterday when I got home from work, or work on the Seekret Projekt; instead I had a couple of hard ciders and decided, when Kyle texted me to see what I was up to, that it was a really good idea for him to come over. He hung out for an hour or so and played the guitar, and when he left I promptly dropped into bed.

Cue DPL scolding... DPL scolding, GO. :)