Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ho Hum...

So the Rail Arts District Tour was not quite as successful as I had hoped [sold a birdhouse, and a pencil holder!] but it was a learning experience, and I didn't have to pay a table fee.

I was much better about being organized and getting things done. [A little, I still had some running around to do, but better about it nonetheless]. I did have some help with that from Kalin, who goes into teacher mode sometimes which helps.

Some people came up and talked to me but for the most part they just glanced as they walked just far enough away that I couldn't even say hey or make eye contact to initiate anything. It was weird, and that part I am not counting as my fault. I suppose my pieces are big enough that you can do that and make a decision from far away. It just felt rude. I do know that most of my stuff was aimed for little kids [which usually there are a lot of at this event!] and I should have had more for adults. [Tables, birdhouses, lamps etc.] So I have made a note of that for the future.

I will post pictures soon! [Later today probably!] And of course everything that I have painted will go to InsideOut Sautee in a new kids section! So everything works out.

Next project: Little Women [set design], Once Upon a Mattress [making a puppet!] and getting ready for May in the Mountains [more birdhouses methinks!]

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