Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Projects...

So I am finishing up my two commission pieces, and have begun to look to the future. Since November is NaNoWriMo I have decided that October [for me anyways] is going to be DaDra DamMo [Daily Drawing, Dammit! Month] in an effort to get my artistic butt in gear. I had a lot of fun doing it as part of my design classes in school and I really need to get into the habit of doing it anyways--otherwise I'll never improve.

However, I need your help. Please look around my gallery and give suggestions for things to draw that you DON'T see in my gallery. If I don't have ideas out of my comfort zone the book will be filled with robots, weird creatures, and archways...which are things that are easy for me to crank out, and I would like to challenge myself a little. Anything will work, an emotion, scene, character idea, creature, idea, fanart, landscape, building etc etc.

Thank you, and if they aren't too crappy I'll post them

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