Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Projects...

I am bursting with creative forces both writing and artistic and it is VERY exciting.  I have been having very inspiring conversations with my good friend and cohort Stephanie, about myths and legends and re-writing stories and fairy tales that have got my imagination spinning.  So coming up are some new art projects I am going to start sketching and doodling and working towards completion based off those conversations. (among other things!)

King Arthur legends ala 1920's [and that's all I've got thus far!]
Midsummer Nights Dream portraits [I started this one awhile ago and didn't get very far]
Achelon City maps/history [from my novel]
Peter Pan paintings [say that five times fast!]

And that's probably enough to keep me busy for awhile!  We'll see!




SMF said...

Yay! Write, draw and let me see/read it all.

Dread Pirate Lainey said...

You too!!