Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Nothing Much These Days.....

I have many loves in life.

Art and painting being the most significant [right under Kalin of course!] but another great love of mine is playing my violin. Due to several physical ailments in my hands and wrists I was unable to play for a very long time, however a few surgeries later [just kidding it was only one!] I am back in the ballgame, so to speak.

I am currently the violin player in a band for my friend Tracy's show The Last Five Years. The road has been frought with many a frustration and cuss word but I am now thoroughly absorbed in the world of this music and playing my violin after so long. Therefore the flow of artwork, for which this blog was originally intended, has trickled to a halt. But never fear once this is over you will be seeing much more from me!

Off to French class with me!

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